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Джек Айриш: Черный прилив / Jack Irish: Black Tide

Review for Jack Irish: Black Tide (2012) (TV) It almost have been a year since I have seen the first Jack Irish TV movie but thing I remember about it is that it was a very complex and talkative movie, in which characters kept popping up and names were being dropped all over. Jack Irish, Australian Crime Solver on Hulu | Netflix TV ... The Jack Irish TV series is based on a set of detective novels by Peter Temple. So far, there have been three movie-length episodes, though only the first two – “Bad Debts” and “Black Tide” – are currently available on Hulu. Guy Pearce stars as Jack Irish. He is a down and out former lawyer turned debt collector and investigator. Peter Temple - Book Series In Order

His Jack Irish novels (Bad Debts, Black Tide, Dead Point, and White Dog) are set in Melbourne, Australia, and feature an unusual See this thread for more information. Peter Temple is an Australian crime fiction writer.

Jack Irish has no shortage of friends, but family members are few and far between. His wife was murdered by an ex-client and his father is a fading photo on the pubs football wall of fame. So when Des Connors, the last link to his dad, calls to ask for help in the matter of a missing son, Jack is more... Watch Jack Irish: Black Tide (2012) Online | Watch Movies…

Jack returns to the world that took everything away from him--a seedy place of lowlifes, corruption, violence, and retribution. In these two mysteries, Bad Debts and Black Tide, initially broadcast in October 2012, Pearce delivers a mesmerizing performance, imbuing Jack with world-weary gruffness and a dash of dark humor.

Aussie Detective Jack Irish Is More Than Old-School Macho

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The first movie, called ‘Jack Irish: Bad Debts’ premiered on October 14, 2012 and managed to attract nearly a million viewers in Australia. Unsurprisingly, ABC, to keep the momentum going, released the second movie, ‘Jack Irish: Black Tide’, a week later on October 21, 2012. Jack Irish: Black Tide (2012) - Movie | Moviefone Jack Irish: Black Tide (2012) Jack Irish has a call from Des Connors, the last link to his dad, to ask for help finding a missing son. ... Plot Summary. Jack Irish has a call from Des Connors, the ... Jack Irish - Wikipedia Jack Irish is an Australian television drama series first broadcast on ABC1 on 14 October 2012. The series stars Guy Pearce as the title character, a former criminal lawyer turned private investigator and debt collector. Much of the action is set in the Melbourne suburb of Fitzroy.Adapted from the detective novels by author Peter Temple, Jack Irish was created by Andrew Anastasios, Matt ... Jack Irish | Wiki | Everipedia